14 February 2011

New 'Streamed' Concert 2001.04.12 Teatro Ciak, Milano IT

Great News! 2nd full length watchable Sigur Rós concert now ready
The magnificent 2001, Milano, Teatro Ciak concert (with a re-mastered soundtrack) is now available to be watched online. This amazing 95 minute concert was the first live appearance of Sigur Rós in Italy...and what a first performance! Huge thanks & gratitude to www.popplagid.com for making this possible.
Sigur Rós - Teatro Ciak, Milano IT : HERE :

9 February 2011

Sigur Rós - 'Streamable' Concert Videos

Ive been working towards the idea for some time now of having some of the Concerts of Sigur Rós available to be watched directly from within the blog as well as downloadable. Its still a work in progress but the 1st one is available to watch in its entirety : HERE :
Let me know if you have any thoughts/suggestions/ideas but mostly...enjoy :)
Edit: silly of me but I just saw the 'X' at the bottom right of the video, which when clicked makes it go fullscreen ! Awesome :D