5 September 2013

2013.09.02 Roundhouse, London, UK [Re-Master]

2013.09.02 Roundhouse, London, UK [Re-Master]

Lineage: 88,200 / 32bit > Ozone 5 Mastering Suite > dither 16/44
Quality/performance: 100/100

The band really gave it there all on this one. Many smiles were exchanged during the performance. During E-bow especially you can hear Jónsi adding subtle embellishments which he only does when everything is very much on form and he is happy!
One benefit from a recording such as this is that you hear clearly many of the more subtle elements in the mix that are usually missed in the totality of the sound. The sound itself is very big and colorful which works very well in the context of the video and with closed eyes imagining you are there!
Superb mixing on this, the soundstage is particularly well done. There were, as expected no dynamics on the nriginal although it was far better than some. I corrected this to some degree. I didn't do much to the audio, mainly lifted the voice and audio and a few tweaks here and there.
Over all this is beyond superb hence the 100/100 score. It just sounds so much like how the experience of a Sigur Rós concert is. Wonderful


1. yfirborð
2. brennisteinn
3. hrafntinna
4. ísjaki
5. kveikur
6. festival
7. hoppípolla
8. með blóðnasir
9. svefn-g-englar
10. glósóli
11. untitled 1 (vaka)
12. sæglópur
13. untitled 6 (e-bow)
14: varúð
15: popplagið

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