20 March 2012

2003.04.08 Paramount Theatre, Oakland - Re-master v.03

2003.04.08 Paramount Theatre, Oakland - Re-master V.03

Lineage: Unknown AUD
Quality/Performance: 93/100

A particularly powerful hard hitting concert due to the huge 'Arena' sound. Listening to it reminds me very much what it actually sounds like to experience a Sigur Rós concert from the back of the concert hall on the top balcony...just lovely :)
Also, what I particularly is the outstanding performance of Gítardjamm preceded perfectly by Smaskifa. The audience is very quiet and respectful here as well...which is nice :)
Its concerts like this one that make all the work: re-mastering, editing, naming, tagging uploading etc etc to be worthwhile

Set List:

00 Vaka [Missing]
01 Mílanó
02 Ný Batterí
03 Göng
04 Olsen Olsen
05 Njosnavelín
06  Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása
07 Hafssól
08 Smaskifa
09 Gíjardjamm
10 Starálfur
11 Svefn-G-Englar
12 Popplagið

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  1. I think you Mp3 part 1 is Flac part 2.