13 November 2012

Victoryrose Lossless is coming back!

I'm currently in the process of re-uploading everything that is currently here. It will take a long time but its happening! :) Im keen to share concerts from this current tour which I will do when I can work out how to post AND keep the posts in a somewhat relevent order of date! I still have many concerts to re-master and share from 2003 - 2008. Its a long project, especially as I'm now much busier than I was when I started but even just filling a bucket drop by drop with water eventually fills the bucket !!
Jon x

PS: If anyone has any previously un-circulated concerts especially from this tour please get in touch @ victoryrosemusic@gmail.com


  1. Good on ya, Jonno, top fella!

    Now crack on... :p

    rhub x

  2. This are fantastic news. It´s good to see you back here.

  3. Uploading is terribly slow but its happening pretty much 24/7 ! should be 2-3 weeks till everything is re-uploaded and re-linked :D