13 August 2013

2013 - More Links Live

The majority of 2001 links are now complete. 2002 and 2003 should also be mostly complete as well. Please let me know if you find any missing links :)


  1. Just wondering. Any takk and endalaust tours recording ? It doesn't seem there is any recording from these eras on your blog. Does that mean there aren't many of them floating around ? Or is it because you prefer the early years ? just curious. I wish there would be 2004-->2008 bootlegs !
    Anyway, thanks again for uploading sigur ros live music

  2. Hi portissol, fear not there are a LOT of 2005/6/8/9/12/13 concerts coming! Im a bit behind due to work and bad health. eventually there will be all the concerts (of a good enough quality) here from 1999 - 2013 and onwards. I have just finished uploading the last missing links from 1999-2003. I have to upload the videos from this period, then I can start uploading the 2005's :)Eventually this project will be complete!

  3. Ok
    Hope your health is not too bad all the same
    take care of it, Sigur Ros live recordings will wait