17 September 2011

2002.10.06 Ambassador Theatre, Dublin - (2nd night ) Re-master

2002.10.06 Ambassador Theatre, Dublin - (2nd night) Re-master

Lineage: SBD DAT
Quality/Performance: 100/100

Same equipment/taper as the last 2 concerts so the quality is just heaven sent! Perhaps out of these three this is the best, its hard to say but it looks like you will have to just download them all :)
A couple of points of interest, Von sounds (again) phenomenally good with the drums rolling beautifully through the sound stage from right to left with Jónsi letting rip in the background in such a way you would probably sell your grandmother/give your right arm to be in his shoes at that time!!
Avalon is played in full and interestingly morphes into Olsen Olsen a rare encore. Also maybe rarer is Jónsi speaking, saying thank you and saying " we are going to play one more song for you as you such an amazing audience and kind off little bit similar to Icelandic people, a little bit crazy in the head but thats nice "
Must add a huge thanks to who ever taped these shoes x

Set list:

01 Intro
02 Vaka
03 Fyrsta
04 Samskeyti
05 Ny Batterí
06 Svefn-G-Englar
07 Salka
08 Hafssól
09 Popplagið
10 Avalon
11 Olsen Olsen

[MF] MP3  part1   part2
[MF] FLAC  part1   part2   part3


  1. hello,
    i came back after a few busy months and i've found this true gem. thank you!

  2. First time here. And I found some treasures. Thank you!