23 September 2011

2002.10.30 Massey Hall, Toronto Re-master

2002.10.30 Massey Hall, Toronto Re-master

Lineage: Unknown AUD
Quality/Performance: 89/100

As Ive said before, for some reason the most incredible concert recordings seem to come from this venue. This one is no exception. You can hear its in a big hall but the way the sound fills the hall is so beautifully done as to get a feeling of depth, weight and the sheer power from this music. A wonderfully different sound from the last 3 posts. We see Milano and Daudalagið making a first appearance. Milano in particular a nice surprise as it isn't listed on the notes. I really love the 'background' singing on Milano that Jónsi does. I can't remember if its unique, the way he does it here but the way he ends Milano is exquisite. Also there is a very interesting extended version of Daudalagið here with the intro lasting 4.20!


01 Vaka
02  Frysta
03 Samskeyti
04 Ny Batterí - False Start
05 Milano
06 Ny Batterí
07 Njósnavelin
08 Svefn-G-Englar
09 Salka
10 Hafssol
11 Daudalagið
12 Popplagið

[MF] MP3 - part1   part2
[MF] FLAC - part1   part2   part3  part4

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