15 March 2013

2013 UK Tour...Best Of

Photo: PG Morris

Sigur Rós - 2013 UK Tour...Best Of

Taped, Mixed, Mastered and Compiled: by Jon Parker
Equipment: Zoom H4 / John Ramsey Signature Cardroid Mics
Position: Centre front - standing in front of sound desk in the middle
Recorded - FLAC 24Bit / 48kHz
Re-Master Info:  ProTools 10 / Ozone 5 Mastering Suite / +others /

~ Recorded over 3 nights at the 02 Academy Brixton UK - 7th, 8th, 9th March ~

This 'Best Of' compilation arose for a number of reasons. Mainly to have all the new songs, as played on this tour in one place (otherwise they would be spread over 3 concerts)
Another reason is that because, as the quality is stunning, and the concerts are totally consistent in terms of recording position, levels and mastering its not only possible to gather the new songs in one place, but I also felt it a great opportunity to include the best performances of individual songs and to mix them all seamlessly into something of a 'fantasy concert'.
Humility aside :) it does sound exceptionally good and has been mixed in such a way that you really wouldn't be able to guess it didn't actually happen! So it plays like [what would have been] the perfect concert, i at least in terms of song content!
I should add, this is not something I would normaly do as I try to present, as much as possible, each concert experience as it was experienced. However having had great feedback and support from the Sigur Rós fan community...here it is
Ps. A huge thank you to all the people I met who kindly consented to keep their clapping and cheering noise down to a minimum to allow for a better recording and to PG Morris for the use of his fabulous photos as album art

Track Listing:

01 Yfirbord
02 Í Gær
03 Ný Batterí
04 Vaka
05 Hrafntinna
06 Kveikur
07 Sæglópur
08 Fljótavík
09 E-bow
10 Varúð
11 Hoppípolla
12 Með Blóðnasir
13 Olsen Olsen
14 Festival
15 Brennisteinn
16 Svefn-g-englar
17 Glósóli
18 Popplagið

[MF] Mp3 320 - part1   part2
[MF] Flac - part1   part2   part3   part4   part5


  1. May I ask what the problems have been? Just out of curiosity.

  2. Sure :) There are so many levels to getting these files to you: recording (getting to venue hours before the concert to ensure I have the best spot to stand in...standing for hours. standing motionless so the mics get a clean pure signal/stereo field. > All the post processing - hours in the studio working on the perfect balance between all the instruments & voice + bringing out some of the feel of venue / live energy etc into the mix > Then cutting all the tracks > mixing down to lower bit/sample rates using the best dither > naming/tagging everything correctly > zipping / Rar'ing > creating the posts > uploading (takes aloooong time where i live)...and then usually correcting mistakes Ive made !!
    So anyway, no problems with files themselves but problems bouncing (still unexplained) so I had to re-bounce using a different method program / One problem came because I had used up all the space on my computer & didnt realise :d - 4x concerts takes up a lot space and combined with temp files from working with all the files... After finishing, I had an SBE 'problem' which I couldn't correct manually so I had to go back and re-do loads of stuff in a different way! I made a couple of small tagging errors that I had to correct... It just seemed at every stage I encountered problems. Happens sometimes :D hey ho

  3. Ah, I understand. Thanks for explaining. I highly appreciate you taking the time to do this and I'll be waiting patiently :)

  4. just curious : have you ever heard any IEM recordings of sigur ros ? Just wondering what it might look like

  5. by the way and sorry for forgetting to say it : this blog is well appreciated and thanks for keeping it up to date, I've discovered much of sigur ros and their live music experience with this blog!

  6. Hi Portissol. not sure what you mean by the IEM? but i have to say the Abbey Road re-masters of the 3 first albums sounds much much better than any other version. What the engineers did at Abbey |Road was phenominally good :D

  7. I mean In Ear Monitor recordings ; here is an example : http://www.u2april4th.com/Other/sr080819.htm

    IEM are devices used by performers to hear a mix of microphones and/or instrument pickups that are on the stage. They are often custom fitted to the individuals ears and provide a high level of noise reduction from stage noise. An IEM recording is a recording of this wireless audiofeed

  8. otherwise, I don't really understand when you talk about remasters and abbey road. Sorry, what band ? what albums are you talking about ?

    1. Oh sorry, i see what you mean. Ive never heard of that before. This is the first one Ive seen. I dont have that particular recording. I have an audience version. Would be interesting to hear what the quality is like!

  9. listening to it...! :) thanx a lot in advance

  10. Sounds absolutely fantastic, but seriously? People talking in Ny Batteri and Glosoli? I'll never understand how people can talk through music like that - what the hell is wrong with these people? Otherwise, the recordings and your work are fantastic - I have very fond memories of the Wolverhampton show and this recording reminds me just how close Vaka was to bringing me to tears!

  11. Thanks, its all done for fans so Im glad your'e enjoying it :)
    I was listening to the original recordings yesterday and was also a bit dumfounded by the talking people! The worst was the saturday night but the 1st night which the fans would have booked first is quite a bit quieter. Sorry for not posting more 2013 yet, im so full on with work at the moment :( x

  12. Thanks for sharing this, it means a lot to me since my son invited me to this show (different country, same tour) and it was a wonderful night.

  13. Thanks Jon. I appreciate your dedicated efforts - always love getting copies of concerts I was at.

  14. Any chance you could list which songs are from which of the three nights? (if you kept record) ... just for interest :-) thanks

  15. Hi JestaCat:
    I thought It was written out somewhere on the sigur ros message board - but if you've ever tried to search there for anything.... :|
    I thought I might be able to match the file sizes to work it out but then realised they are mixed to form the 'fantasy concert' so they are different. Sorry -If you want to search I think there is some info from here onwards: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk/board/viewthread.php?tid=29874&page=4


    1. thanks Jon - so if I'm reading it right you used all tracks from 8th, adding two from 7th not played on 8th (I Gaer & SgE) and swapped eBow to 9th? - does this sound right from your recollection or was there more 7th/9th of the songs played 2/3 times?

  16. I guess Im gonna have to physically listen to them to find out for definate! :)
    I think the majority would have come from the 7th & 9th because to my ears Jónsi + the band were quite tired on the 8th and a few mistakes were made. The 7th was by far the most together and powerful [or me!}

  17. Thanks - but don't go to that much trouble (unless you know the versions well enough to identify them easily)... if it's not a 'simple' question I'm happy to let it go; you've done more than enough work already and it is appreciated :-)