25 March 2011

2001.04.24 - FM - Empire, Sheperds Bush, London Re Master

2001.04.24 - FM - Empire, Sheperds Bush, London Re Master

Lineage: Unknown

Quality/Performance: A

Fantastic concert, short but including two quite rare tracks, Syndir Guðs and one of the Rímur songs. Excellant quality with only a little bit of 'FM radio crackle' noticeable during quieter moments.

Set List:

01 Nýja Lagið
02 Ný Batterí
03 Syndir Guðs
04 Svefn-G-Englar
05 Rimúr - Kem ég enn af köldum heiðum
06 Samskeyti
07 Von (Incomplete)

[MF] MP3 
[MF] FLAC   part1  part2


  1. Hi. I've downloaded the mp3 version and went to transfer it to cd only to discover that the folder changes from mp3 to flac( which I can't use). Any others experience this?

  2. Ive re-posted the links in case the files are mixed up. Try to re-download. I may have misunderstood but the flacs are lossless already ie Exactly the same as CD, so if you burn the flac's to a cd there is no loss of quality. Any problems feel free to email me :)