3 April 2011

2001.05.02 KCRW Radio Session

2001.05.02 KCRW Radio Session

This event marked Sigur ros's 1st exposure to America. As Nic Harcourt, the host DJ says "Agaetis Bryjun is the most requested and continuously out of stock import that the record stores have" Its great to hear a young Sigur ros talking about the future especially in retrospect. There is some beautiful reverbed guitar playing on the begining of the Hafssol. Always makes me laugh hearing Kjarten blowing a quick raspberry at the end of Hafssól!
edit: This is the first lossless version Ive found of this one  so is a huge improvement on the previous posted version. (first posted in 2008)
With thanks to 'Tranehead'

Set List:

01 Olsen Olsen
02 Hafssól
03 Interview

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