22 May 2011

2001.09.18 Massey Hall, Toronto - Re Master

2001.09.18 Massey Hall, Toronto - Re Master

Lineage: Unkown AUD
Quality/Performance: 70/100

For some reason every Sigur Rós show from this venue has been spectacular, with this one being no exception. The whole concert is exception although sadly its let down by 'soft clipping' of the bass drum. With a bit of imagination you can pretend you are there at the venue and the bass drum is mic'd a little too loud...which in general works! with the exception of Lagid i Gaer in which the bass is very noticeably clipped. Don't be put off though, the sound itself is wonderful. In fact of all the various 'sounds' from these audience recordings this is my favourite type. Im wondering if some of those lovely DPA mics where used?

Set List:

01 Nyja lagið
02 Njósnavelin
03 Vaka
04 Lagið í Gær
05 Álafoss
06 Ný batterí
07 Fyrsta
08 Samskeyti
09 Olsen olsen
10 Svefn-G-Englar
11 Dauðalagið
12 Popplagið

[MF] MP3 - part1
[MG] FLAC - part1   part2

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