22 March 2012

14.04.2003 International Forum - Pro Version *top ten concert*

14.04.2003 International Forum - Pro Version *top ten concert*

Lineage: promo pro recording
Quality/Performance: 100/100

The four songs found here are from a Promo DVD and as such the qaulity is perfect. One of the very few professionally recorded live Sigur Rós from this period. the version of Gitardjamm is particularly stunning! Enjoy :)

Track Listing:

01 Vaka
02 Hafssól
03 Gitardjamm
04 Popplagið

[MF] Flac - part1   part2
[MF] Mp3 - d/l

Video - Compressed for Online Viewing

Sigur Rós - Akifumu, Int. Forum Hall 2003.04.14 from Victoryrosemusic Blogspot on Vimeo.



  1. Could you please fix the link to part 2 of the video? Thanks!

  2. Hi, If possible, could you update the download links. This gig sounds great. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Hi, I'm still in the process of re-uploading all the files. It will be done but I am very busy at the moment. If you email me in 8 days time I am back home and will upload ASAP

  4. hi, looks like this page is on rest...
    would be great to see this gig re-uploaded.
    appreceate your work so much!
    thanks in advance.