29 January 2012

15.01.2003 Kárahnjúkar Protest Concert Reykjavik - SBD

Kárahnjúkar Protest Concert Reykjavik - SBD 

A great way to start the 2003's with something very special. This 3 track concert is incredibly rare and unique. The first track 'Samskeyti' is a very different minimal version. The second track 'Big' made an appearance on the 'Peel Session and the third track is a wonderful extended version of Avalon... with vocals!
One of the things that makes these tracks so good is hearing Jónsi just 'go for it' using the full emotive power of his voice. A truly unique and enjoyable Sigur Rós concert.
From website: Sigur ros will perform a short set next wednesday (january 15th) at a conference whose aim is to protest against the impending construction of the kárahnjúkar power plant in east iceland. this kárahnjúkar hydropower project will result in irreputable environmental damage to approximately 290000 hectares of land in this area. other icelandic artists who have protested against the project include björk, who recently submitted a protest article in the icelandic newspaper morgunblaðið. the conference takes place at borgarleikhúsið in reykjavík and begins at 20:30

Set List:

01 Samskeyti - (mimimal, different version)
02 Big - (1st time played live)
03 Avalon - (extended with vocals)

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