31 January 2012

Potential Bandwidth Problems

Dear Fans of Sigur Rós I run these blogs out of a love and deep respect for the music of Sigur Rós and also other music that moves my heart as the majority of us here have similar tastes. I try to find a way to get some of the music to you, sometimes through live shows, radio, often through asking the artist directly.
~ Unfortunately due to a huge & ever increasing demand on downloads it looks like there is every likelihood there will be an increasing number of times where the bandwidth will run out in-between monthly payments.
I pay for about 100gb a month + keeping the files safe from deletion due to inactivity. I don't currently receive an income so it can be a stretch at times!
~Therefore, I have to humbly ask that if anyone has a spare $9 from time to time it would be very much appreciated and a big help. I keep all Victoryrose blogs free from advertisement & always upload the biggest file possible for users to download for free. Nothing I upload is illegal and where appropriate is posted with permission. In other words I'm trying to offer a clean, legal, interesting and largely fan based service...which is becoming a little bigger than my wallet is able to cope with!
~ If you have no wish to help out or can't (who has spare money these days!) please, by all means continue to enjoy the content but if the bandwidth does run out please be patient until it can be topped up again.
All  moneys recieved would go directly from Paypal to Mediafire (proof available if needed)
ps: There is a Paypal module in the upper right corner of victoryrosemusic 

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  1. Small donation on its way. The least I can do after all the downloads I've taken from your blog over the last couple of years!