8 January 2012

2002.11.21 Sprekles Theatre, San Diago US - Re-master

21.11.2002 Sprekles Theatre, San Diago US - Re-master

Lineage: Unknown Audience
Quality/Performance: 85/100

A very nice well balanced concert, although it does suffer slightly from a 'big hall' sound. As a bootleg recording though its still very descent

Set List:

01 Vaka
02 Fyrsta
03 Samskeyti
04 Salka
05 Ný batterí
06 Njósnavelin
07 Svefn g englar
08 Mìlàno
09 Hafssól
10 Olsen Olsen
11a 'Happy birthday'
11 Popplagið

[MF] MP3 - download - part2
[MF] FLAC - part1   part2   part3


  1. Thanks for sharing this show but there is a problem with part 2 of the flac version. This part is not available. Maybe you can help.

  2. Should be ok now Tom, Ive upgraded my account now to a higher level as there is now more bandwidth for free users

  3. It´s working now! Thanks so much.