2 January 2012

2002.11.10 Riviera Theatre, Chicago USA - Re-master

2002.11.10 Riviera Theatre, Chicago USA - Re-master

Lineage: Unknown Audience
Performance/Quality: 92/100

I really like this concert a lot. It has the most lovely soft yet clear sound. The 14 minute long Von is divine! I don't know if its good enough to become a 'Top Ten Concert' without a full listen, but its quite possible. I've commented before that every concert from Chicago that Sigur Rós  has played seems to be particularly good and this one is no exception. Beautiful beyond measure

Set List:

01 Intro

02 Vaka
03 Fyrsta
04 Samskeyti
05 Salka
06 Ný batterí
08 Njósnavelin
08 Svefn g englar
09 Mìlàno
10 Hafssól
11 Von
12 Popplagið

[MF] MP3 - part1   part2
[MF] FLAC - part1   part2   part3   part4

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