8 January 2011

1999.06.12 Icelandic Opera House, Reykjavic IC

1999.06.12 Icelandic Opera House, Reykjavic IC

1999.06.12 Icelandic Opera House, Reykjavic IC

Lineage: Unknown but believed to be SBD - Re-mastered 10/2010 
Quality/Performance: SBD:  A++

One of the top ten classic Sigur Rós concerts. This version is a huge upgrade on the widely circulated FM version which was quite hissy. This is without doubt one of the very best concerts of Sigur Rós. Its extraordinary clean and crisp, perhaps a little too much so! The concert includes some rare live tracks: Syndir Guðs, Flugufrelsarinn and an unusual early version of Von 
This was quite a historic show as It marks the last appearance by the original drummer ágúst, and the first by amiina as the string accompaniment. A wonderful show. much thanks to einzack & others who made this possible

01 Von
02 Syndir Guðs
03 Flugufrelsarinn
04 Olsen Olsen
05 Ágætis Byrjun
06 Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása
07 Svefn-G-Englar
08 Ný Batterí
09 Nýja Lagid
10 Hafssol

[MF] MP3 part1   
[MF] FLAC part1   part2   part3


  1. My old, lower quality version of this concert has 'the nothing song' and 'hun jord', and is missing 'Hafssol'... is this odd?

  2. It is a bit odd. You can double check set lists for sigur ros here: http://www.popplagid.com/Setlists/setlists.htm

  3. Great work by Jon Parker, perfect sound. Many thanks for sharing.

    Wish you all the best.

  4. I'm currently trawling through hundreds of old CDrs and archiving them to flac. I've had a recording of this show for many years (late 1999 or early 2000)

    As far as I can remember, I got it from the taper. It certainly doesn't suffer from the hiss you mention on some circulating copies of the FM broadcast.

    My copy has 65:34 of the FM broadcast (Hafssol is missing at the end). There are edits between the songs - some of them were done by the taper to remove station idents, and others have been done by the radio station. Presumably the show was recorded for broadcast at a later date, rather than being broadcast live?

    Listening back to my copy alongside this, they appear to be pretty much identical mixes, which leads me to conclude that the recording you've posted here is the complete mixdown of the multi-track recordings made by the radio station prior to broadcast. It's certainly not pure SBD - far too much audience noise.

    Thanks for your efforts, it sounds great.

    (Einzack knows who I am, by the way)

  5. I have a version that also includes 'The nothing song' and 'Hun jord', and is missing 'Hafssol'- I got it off what.cd, which has both of these versions, but neither in FLAC. Do you know why this might be? It's hard to tell with "Hun Jord", but "The Nothing Song" is indeed a live recording. Where could this have been recorded?