20 January 2011

2001.04.12 Teatro Ciak, Milano IT - VIDEO - Re Master Soundtrack

2001.04.12 Teatro Ciak, Milano IT - VIDEO - Re Master Soundtrack

Very nice audience Cam capture. There is some brief pixalation in parts and the begining starts approximatly half way through Nyjá Lagið but over all a very nice video. Maybe the only video with Jónsi sporting a skinhead haircut!
Its quite a big file at 1.6gb. Ive started .Rar'ing instead of .zip'ing these video files so hopefully there should be no issues with Mac users

See Previous post for set list.


Watch Below:

Sigur Rós - Teatro Ciak 2001.04.12 (Re-Mastered Soundtrack) from Victoryrosemusic Blogspot on Vimeo.

Download Video - Disc 1 - part1   part2   part3   part4   part5   part6   part7
                           - Disc 2 - part1   part2   part3  part4   part5


  1. setlist:

    nýja lagið
    untitled 3
    untitled 8 / svahvít
    ný batterí
    death song
    olsen olsen
    pop song

    georg's tour diary
    this must have been the strangest day of our lives, or at least mine. i didn't get to see anything of milan, which i regret very much. it all started to go terribly wrong in the sound check; basically the sound was not good in the room. after the sound check disaster i had to do some interviews, i don't really like to answer questions like: define sigur rós. how the hell or why in hell should i define the band? after these uncomfortable interviews we ate a proper italian dinner, what bliss. it really made the day. italian food deserves all the praise in the world. it was time for the gig and what a bummer. there was no contact anywhere, not between us or the audience. so it was basically a terrible concert. jónsi even broke his spare guitar in one of the songs. i know now after the concert that the audience like it but we didn't. but like they say "you win some you loose some". we got this letter from two girls that came all the way from france to see the show. this is the letter and i don't know if i agree with it all but it's a good letter.

    "we are really really sorry for tonight, we had never ever seen such a f*****g rotten audience. we would have loved it not to be so, but italian people are certainly the rudest people in the world. we are sorry for jónsi's guitar and we understand how angry you must be. please forget that awful night when people just didn't know how to behave, and most of all carry on".

    i don't think the italians are the rudest people in the world but i must admit it was quiet shocking. after some consideration i think the concert wasn't as bad as we think, but it wasn't good. now it is over, time for the next gig.
    (from sigur-ros.co.uk

  2. What happened to the video? :(

  3. why? what it look like to you?
    sometimes u have to wait for it to start...