9 January 2011

2000.07.02 Roskilde Festival DK - Re Master V.2

2000.07.02 Roskilde Festival DK - Re Master V.2

2000.07.02 Roskilde Festival DK - Re Master V.2

Lineage: FM > HD > CDR > SHN - Wav > Re Master > Flac Level 8 sbe >
Quality/performance: FM: A++

Looking at my notes, the first time I worked with this concert I mostly left it alone as the quality was superb. This time however, I spent a  lot more time with the audio going through the mastering process to see what could be improved and I have to say the results are such that [for me] the Roskilde 2000 show now ranks amongst the top 5 of all time Sigur Rós concerts.
The stereo field is wonderful to experience with each instrument given its own special and clear space to be appreciated in. The way they work together is perfect with Jónsi's voice rising clear and strongly above the mix.The detail of each instrument within the mix is exceptionally clear with the result that the various instruments can each be individually enjoyed at different points of the concert. The performance is also delivered in a slow deliberate agonisingly powerful manner which again makes this one of the very best of the early Sigur Rós.


01 Intro
02 Njosnavelin
03 Nýja Lagið
04 E-Bow
05 Álafoss
06 Sven-G-Englar
07 Dauðalagið
08 Popplagið

[MF] MP3
[MF] FLAC  Part1   Part2    Part3
[MF] (Original CD .shn) Part1  Part2


  1. I just wanted to thank you for this post. Love this concert.

    Got from you before in 320, but I always prefer FLAC.

    So thanks a bunch!

  2. my fav SR gig of all time...is there any better?

  3. Oh yes...!
    Well, maybe, keep an eye of the *top ten concert* 'Label' :D

  4. I can't believe I just NOW found this site *slaps forehead*

    I've been collecting/trading/taping SR for years...only through a recent dime search was I able to find some of Einzack's ups, which lead me here..

    what a glorious website...

    Thank you..thank you for all of your hard work!

    **runs over to the top ten concert section**

  5. Ive pretty re-mastered everything from '99 to '08, most of which you find on victoryrosemusic.blogspot.com. Everything here is final versions, now Ive got a bit more time to go over every single one firstly to make sure the taggs are consistent but mainly to make sure that with every concert Ive got the best possible from them. If there is a particular one you want but hasn't appeared yet just email and do it for you

  6. Hello, If you have this Original CD, Can you please upload a No Re Master version? I mean CD "Original Version" (lossless), I will be very grateful you!!!

  7. HI there
    added original .shn files - You will need 'shorten decoder' for foobar2000 to play them! Thanks for bringing this to my attention though - The highs are a tad aggressive. I will revisit the audio and improve. best wishes Jon

  8. Thanks Jon, Wonderful:)