9 January 2011

2000.11.17 Schlachthof, Hamburg FM Broadcast DE - Re-master

2000.11.17 Schlachthof, Hamburg DE - Re - Master

2000.11.17 Schlachthof, Hamburg FM Broadcast DE - Re - Master

Lineage: Radio1 (cable)> Sony Tuner ST-S390> Sony DAT DTC-670 (A>D)> optical Soundpool SRC44 (48kHz>44.1kHz)> optical Midia Prodif 100> CD Wave Editor recording> Wavelab 3.0cuts/fading> CD WAVE Editor Track Splitting> WAV MKW Audio Compression Tools 0.97b> SHNv3
Quality/Performance: FM: A

An absolutely stunning concert both in quantity and quality. Alafos is simply breathtaking. There is something about the line up of tracks which works really well. This easily goes into my top 10 list of favourite concerts. There just seems to be something so sublime about these 2000 concerts. Enjoy this one, its a special one.
edit: This is a different version to the second post of the same concert. It features all the tracks from the concert but is not as good quality as the latter version (although its still very good!)

Set List:

01 Nýja Lagid
02 E-Bow
03 Álafoss
04 Daudalagið
05 Von
06 Olsen Olsen
07 Svefn-G-Englar
08 Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása
09 Hafssól

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